Sheet Metal Work

AT AAP we are ready to go the extra mile to meet your needs. We are renowned in the UK for our sheet metal work, both precision and large-scale. Our experienced and dedicated team will deliver and install metalwork to the highest standards and the most precise requirements.

We provide a range of services covering all facets of sheet metalwork and fabrication, offering our customers a complete solution. Our customers are from several industries including oil, gas, architectural, food, medical and pharmaceutical.

Our highly-skilled workforce is trained and certificated in the use of modern CNC High Tech Equipment, traditional MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding techniques.

Working with stainless steel and aluminium, we can turn the raw metal into custom-made products through cutting, punching, bending, rolling, drilling, polishing, machining and bead blasting.

We can work 2d/3d models you provide or you can rely on our in-house team to do modelling and design for you.

We can manufacture components in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many others providing various options for plating and painted finish.

In general, sheet metal projects comprise of following phases.


Prototyping & test run can predict and prevent costly mistakes.

Creating a prototype means you put your design concept through its paces before committing to an expensive assembly line turning out hundreds and thousands of parts.

That’s not the only reason for producing a prototype. You may need it to convince stakeholders about a future project, or to work out tooling requirements.

CNC Punching & CNC Bending

The CNC (computer numerically controlled) punching process uses technology to punch holes and shapes into sheet metal. Our punching machines use software that converts your product design into numbers. These numbers are then read by punching machines to produce different sheet metal parts.

CNC bending, sometimes called CNC forming, uses the same numerical technology as CNC punching, bending flat sheet metal into the specified shape. A simple example of this would be the creation of a 90-degree angle to form a corner bracket.

Unlike manual methods, Primary advantages of CNC bending technology is the reduction in costs and times. Components with multiple bends can be produced rapidly and with reliable accuracy.

Using 3D modelling, CAD/CAM software and Trumpf technology, we can process a sheet metal part within minutes. From circles to squares to more complicated shapes, our technicians can skillfully create a wide range of components to your specific needs.


Welding is a critical part of sheet metal work projects.

This is when metal is fused, creating a strong and durable joint.

Often welding is used in a situation where creating a part from one piece of metal is not possible

There are two well-known techniques used for welding, TIG welding & MIG welding.


Once components are ready, we need to assemble them. To achieve a quality finish, our team uses techniques such as welding, crimping, riveting and bushing.

Assembly stage is particularly important for prototype development projects. Our technicians trained in assembly testing, test each part for quality assurance.

We want to ensure that we meet our strict quality standards and your components are ready for large scale production.

We pride in having high-quality machinery and equipment.

When it comes to assembly, our diverse experience of working with a variety of customers allows us to assemble anything from single components to complete assemblies.

If you’re looking for precision parts from a North East supplier who understands pressures on time and budgets, look no further than AAP



AAP Metal fabrication services Ltd has built up a long-standing reputation for first-class quality products and services based on experience gained since the company was established.


Primarily, AAP Metal fabrication services Ltd main role is to find a solution to our clients’ problems. We believe in working closely with our clients from the initial site evaluation to discuss the requirements. We believe this is why we have such a loyal customer-base.


AAP Metal fabrication services Ltd has built up an excellent reputation within the industry, for supplying products of only the very best quality. Our years of experience have taught us the importance of ensuring that our customer receives the highest standards of performance and quality


Our Pro-active approach combined with attention to details benefits our customers but also our staff members’ health and safety.


AAP Metal fabrication services Ltd is a process-driven company that places quality above everything else and has achieved several accreditations and certifications over the years. These include ISO 9001:2015, Iso3834-2, BS EN 1090, BS EN IS0 96061, IS0 15614-1, CHAS.


It is no wonder that our passion for quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to lead the industry and work with several well-known brands.

These include Aesica Pharmaceuticals (now Recipharm),3M UK Plc, Nissan, Baker Hughes / PII Ltd, Royal IHC Ltd, UK Docks Marine Services, Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd and Multi Packaging Solutions

“We have always received excellent support in the supply of bespoke fabricated items. The items supplied have been manufactured in accordance to our drawings & specifications in a variety of materials (Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel) & finishes (Galvanised, Painted & Natural)”